Ring Automotive make a large number of car products, including the tyre inflators we feature on this site. Having a high quality range at impressive prices means they’re often at the top of Amazon’s best seller list for the electronic car pump category.

Below, you can see a run down of the models they make, both current and previous pumps. You’ll see our favourite pump on the homepage is the RAC635, which you can also see below.

Ring Tyre Inflator Models

Ring Automotive - RTC1000 12V rapid tyre inflator air compressor car pump with preset digital pressure gauge, memory function, 2 min inflation, LED light, carry case, valve adaptor kit large image


The Ring RTC1000 is the premium choice if you’re happy to go for the all encompassing solution. It’s a bit more expensive than the RAC635 we have as our top recommendation, but you do get more for your money.

It’s the fastest inflator from flat, able to take a 13 inch wheel from flat to 35 PSI in a highly impressive 2 minutes – you’d certainly appreciate that speed on the hard shoulder of a busy motorway.

It’s also got a longer than average 3.5 metre cable length, ideal for bigger cars, or even smaller ones if you find it inconvenient to re-plug it it through the driver or passenger door as you move around the car (you’d probably need to do that anyway though unless you’ve got a tiny car!).

It’s the only one that has a wind in mechanism to keep the power cable tidy, the rest all need you to manually gather up the cable to put it away.

As a premium choice it’s also got some nice extras in that it comes with a couple of spare dust caps and smart case for storing the unit safely away in the boot.

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Ring Automotive RTC100 Air Compressor, Analogue large image


The Ring RTC100 is a budget solution for people that just want a cheap solution there in the boot in case it’s needed in emergencies. It’s got an analogue scale, so some might find it a little more complex to use than the simple digital alternatives.

As a budget choice it’s one of the slower inflators, taking four and a half minutes to inflate a 13 inch wheel from flat. Unlike the more expensive models, you’ll also need to watch the tyre pressure on this model as it doesn’t have the facility to set the desired pressure and auto stop when complete.

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Ring Automotive Ring RTC300 12V Compact Digital, Air Compressor, Pump 3.5 min Tyre Inflation, Valve Adaptors large image


A good step up from the budget RTC100 is the RTC300, which features an easy to read, digital backlit screen. It’s probably the best choice if you’re wanting a no frills solution for a low price, but still prefer the digital readings which are much easier at a glance in the dark what the previous model.

It’s also a bit faster than the last one too, taking the same flat tyre up to pressure in three and a half minutes.

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Ring Automotive Ring RTC500 12V Preset Digital, Air Compressor Pump, 3 min Tyre Inflation, LED Light, Carry Case, Valve Adaptors large image


The Ring RTC500 is one of the models that features auto stop, allowing you to set a target pressure and the machine will stop inflating when it’s reached.

It’s also got a bright LED light for those moments where you’re trying to find the valve in the dark or poor light, which helps to get the job done quickly and safely.

This is a really good all rounder, and on a par with the RAC635 next and certainly worth buying if you get it for a good price.

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Ring Automotive - RAC635 Preset Digital Tyre Inflator, Air Compressor Tyre Pump, 3 Min Tyre Inflation, LED Light, Carry Case, Valve Adaptors, 12 V, Black large image


Finally, we reach our recommended option. It’s not got that title because it’s the best of the best, if that’s what you want then look at the inflator at the top of the page, the RTC1000.

We love this pump because it packs in a lot of features for a great price. You get a good 3 minute inflation time for a flat tyre, plus a three and a half metre power cable and seventy centimetre air hose.

The clear, backlit digital pressure reading is really easy to see and setting the desired pressure preset to take advantage of the auto shut off when reached is fast and simple to use.

You’ll also benefit from a LED light to use to see what you’re doing too, like the RTC500 this is a great all rounder, but often at a slightly better price.

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We’ll continue to add to this collection of Ring pump reviews over time, so please check back if you need more information in the future. As you can see above, Ring provide a wide variety of inflators for all requirements and budgets.

The Amazon links we provide above are for your convenience. They may or may not be the cheapest place to buy, the reason we recommend Amazon is that they’re generally competitive and offer fast delivery and great after sales service if things go wrong.

Of course, there are plenty more places you can buy your electric tyre pump too, including specialist vehicle maintenance chains like Halfords, more general homeware stores like Asda, Tesco or Argos, and DIY stores like Screwfix or Toolstation.

Ring mainly specialise in mains powered tyre inflator models, however there are some cordless ones too. If you want an alternative cordless pump, you may also want to consider the Oasser P2. For corded solutions though, we much prefer Ring as they feel more heavy duty and solid compared to some lesser known brands.