Oasser is a Chinese manufacturer, and has a popular range of tyre inflators, some of which are available to buy on Amazon.

One in particular is very popular, which you can see at the top of the selection below.

Oasser Tyre Inflator Models

Oasser Tyre Inflator Air Compressor Car Tyre Pump Portable Electric with Digital LCD LED Light 12V DC 150 PSI for Car Bicycle Tyres Balls Swimming Rings Toys P6 large image

Portable P6 Car Pump

Where Oasser shine is their ability to pack a lot of features into a low priced product. In this case, you’ll get a lot of versatility from a relatively cheap car pump.

That versatility means you’re not limited to inflating vehicle tyres, as it’s also supplied with other adaptors too, including the ability to pump up footballs, bike tyres and pool inflatables and toys.

Let’s focus on cars though, as that’s the topic of our site. This Oasser portable compressor is capable of taking a flat 17 inch wheel from empty to 2.5 bar (36PSI) in approximately five minutes, which means that it’s acceptably quick for everything from adding a little air to complete inflation.

Oasser Tyre Inflator Air Compressor Car Tyre Pump Portable Electric with Digital LCD LED Light 12V DC 150 PSI for Car Bicycle Tyres Balls Swimming Rings Toys P6 large imageIt should be noted that it’s designed for small passenger vehicles only – and by that we mean your typical family car up to the size of a normal SUV. That’s because the power cord measures approximately three metres, plugging easily into the in-car power outlet (also known as the cigarette lighter socket).

It’s got a handy feature that you’ll also get in some of the Ring pumps that we rate highly, a preset for the tyre pressure that automatically stops inflating when the required PSI is reached. That’s particularly helpful if you have kids around or other distractions, as it’s easy to over inflate and damage a tyre if your concentration is broken while the pump is in use.

In terms of additional features, the Oasser P6 air compressor also has a built in LED light source providing essential illumination if you’re caught out at night needing to add air, or need to inspect wheels for signs of damage or punctures.

Finally, Oasser offer a two year warranty to demonstrate their faith in their products, making this P6 pump worth considering if you are on a budget and cant stretch to the price of the Ring Automotive air compressors.

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Oasser Electric Tyre Inflator Pump Air Compressors Portable with Digital LCD Rechargeable Li-ion 12V P2 large image

Cordless P2 Car Pump

If you’re looking for a cordless solution, but like the look of Oasser compressors, this is likely to appeal.

It’s a bit pricier than the P6 above, but that’s to be expected as you’re getting a good rechargeable battery included with the P2 air pump. The fact that its cordless will mean it’s more suited for bigger vehicles where a power lead wont stretch around the vehicle. With a maximum pressure of 130PSI (that’s 9 bar), you’ll be able to deal with some much more heavy duty wheels. Again though, it’s not up to huge vehicles like trucks where the laden weight demands much more sturdy tyres.

Similarly to the P6, you’ll also get adaptors for balls, inflatables and so forth, with the same bonus that you don’t need to plug the inflator into the car – just charge the unit up as required with the included 12V power charger base.

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P1S Rechargeable Pump

For those who like the idea of the P2 above thanks to its cordless nature removing the need to be plugged in during use, also take a look at this compact tube style P1S.

It’s an incredibly easy to store alternative to the blocky standard shapes for tyre inflators, so if you’ve got limited space in the boot, this is a really neat solution. As with other Oasser solutions, this one works really well and offers some features over and above the majority of other pumps.

Firstly, rather than the more common attachment that screws on to tyre valves, this is more like the petrol station forecourt style that ‘clamps’ in place as you close the lever. It’s a much less fiddly solution, especially on cold nights with cold, numb fingers and poor light. It’s also a nice touch that it works like a torch as it’s shaped that way too. Not a big deal, but it’s a nice extra thought on Oasser’s part.

Where this really shines is the ability to operate on a rechargeable battery, and you can also charge it from either the mains at home or from your car’s 12V power outlet socket. That makes it a lot more versatile when out and about, and relieves the need to remember to keep charging it regularly (all batteries and especially rechargeable ones will lose power gradually over time even when not in use).

In terms of a run down of the normal features you get, the Oasser P1S comes with a three metre 12V power cord and a short mains adaptor for charging indoors. Please note, the instructions are clear that you shouldn’t try to use the unit while it’s charging from the mains, but is quite vague about the 12V adaptor. It’s wise to assume that you shouldn’t use it when plugged into the car (i.e. use it on battery power only when charged), although we did find it worked on the 12V line just fine. If you take the same risk, that’s up to you!

Finally, you’ll also get a material bag to store the unit and accessories in, which include a ball inflation needle and inflatables adaptor as well as the charging cables and air hose.