The Fylina brand spans a range of consumer products, including tyre inflators. Their range covers home and kitchen purchases too, such as travel pillows, umbrellas and hand-held vacuums.

What’s interesting with Fylina is that they offer products that look nearly identical to other brands on Amazon, so they’re likely re-badged versions and identical with the exception of the brand name they’re sold under. It’s not a big deal, but worth mentioning to avoid confusion if you see very similar items when browsing. It’s also worth pointing out that if you see a lower priced item that looks the same, it may well be identical in terms of functionality.

Fylina Tyre Inflator Models

FYLINA AU01004 Updated Touch Screen Inflator

The Fylina AU01004 pump is a smart looking unit that can inflate your car tyres at a rate of up to thirty five litres a minute, which in more understandable terms means most car tyres can be inflated from flat to driving pressure in around four minutes. Of course, most people will just need this to check pressures and add a little air as required, so the time taken per wheel is likely to be significantly less most of the time.

As you would expect, this runs from your car’s power outlet via a cabled 12V adaptor. It’s not able to be plugged into a residential mains socket, so you’ll either need a vehicle with an appropriate (and working) socket, or an equivalent adaptor at home.

The Fylina includes a 3m power cable, so there’s a good length available to reach all four tyres regardless of where your power outlet is located in the car.

For measuring tyre pressure, the AU01004’s display is excellent in light or dark. The display is very easy to read, and shows the current pressure in PSI (pounds per square inch), BAR, KPA and even kilograms per square centimetre. That last one is less common in tyre inflators, so you’re unlikely to use it, but if you have a need for it, then it might make this your preferred model.

Inflation is easy with this pump, just set the desired pressure and once the pump has achieved the goal, it’ll switch off automatically. That’s a more important feature than a lot of people realise – it prevents tyre damage from over inflation, which is easy to happen if you get distracted without an auto shut off function.

As a final point, while this is a well built unit, it’s not up to working with really large vehicles, so anything larger than a family SUV will likely need a heavy duty pump like the RAC 820 from Ring.

Overall, if you’re looking for a low price on a tyre inflator to keep in the boot for occasional use, this is a good buy to get you out of those sticky emergency situations. If, on the other hand, you’re more interested in a high performing long term solution, check out our Michelin, AA and Ring pages.