This section contains all our reviews on individual car tyre inflators. You can see the ones that are our top picks on the homepage, or browse this section to learn more including in depth information. If you want to learn about more general car pump issues and guidance, you can also take a look at our blog too.

The reviews are organised by brand, so you can find your way around by choosing the manufacturer below.

Ring Automotive

Ring make our favourite pump, the RAC 635, but they also have a large number of other inflators too. In our Ring section, you’ll find all the reviews we’ll currently got on site relating to them, which are usually really affordable and good quality air compressors.

Here are our Ring tyre pump reviews.


Oasser aren’t a brand we’d heard a lot about before creating the site, but have a couple of popular options available to buy on Amazon.

Find out what we think in our Oasser reviews.


Foxnovo have also featured in out top picks list. They’re a lesser known brand with fewer products that Ring, but worth a look if you want a bit more variety to research.


Zanmax are a bit hit and miss when it comes to stock, but if you’re looking for a cheap tyre pump for emergency use and you fall lucky with being able to order, they’re a very affordable solution.